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Armand is known to be part of the Paarl entrepreneurs; Paarl alone has 191,013 inhabitants. From a young age he started to focus on “How to learn Digital Marketing”, this empowered him to be the man he is today. Armand is currently working on his Degree to become a Digital Marketer in Cape Town. His hobbies would include reading books from authors such as Jim Rohn & Dave Ramsey, who inspired him to live a positive life everyday.

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2017 - Cape Town


Armand grew up in a small town called Paarl which only has 191,013 inhabitants in the Western Cape province of South Africa. From a young age he started selling goods such as womans necklaces, this empowereed him to be the man he is today.

Having a hobby is not time wasted, it is a way to get your mind clear & to refocus on your objective!


From a young age Armand always looked at the sky at any aereplanes passing by! He is currenlty looking for a Paragliding school in whcigh he can soar die wind of Cape Town. His other hobbies would include reading books from autors such as Jim Rohn & Dave Ramsey

2017 Onwards!


Armand is always looking for the newest trend to capitalize on his target market. He is looking into a collaboration with the company Lacy Lingerie. The owner Kim Lottering, his fellow girlfriend, is a passionate business woman.

Interisting Facts you might not knew

  • Armand comes out of a familiy of 2. His sister Pascale (21) is aspiring to become a pre school teacher.
  • He currently owns 2 eccomerce stores in which he tests all of his theories about the marketplace at large.
  • He is a South African Champion in gymnastics.



Matriculated At Labori High School


Started Studying Towards My BCOM In Digital Marketing


Owner Of A R Marketing


Photoshop 89%
WordPress 71%
Illustrator 71%
Content Developer 95%
Social Media Marketing 85%


  • www.armandreinkemarketing.ga
  • info@armandreinkemarketing.ga
  • (071) 234 2222
  • (084) 255 7876