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Published On 14 February '17

This blog will show you how a young ordinary child fell in love with the world of marketing. I will share my personal experiences with social media marketing as well as tips that I used to capitalize market share upon my target markets. I hope you enjoy your reading time as it will give you much useable knowledge. Armand R

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Published On 14 August '17

This blog will show you more about the Breakfast & Learn Event happening at the London Office. The event is specifically designed for those with an intermediate knowledge of digital marketing. If you work brand-side and you’re a digital marketing manager, marketing manager, or marketing director, this event is perfect for you.

Black HatSEO

Published On 31 August '17

This blog will show you more about websites such as The Morningside Post who was bought by Black hat SEO users, only using the website as a source to upload their backlinks onto the Google search engines. Buying dead SEO domains is not a new technique to generate a higher SEO ranking, but is becoming ever more used in the industry around us.

Black HatSEO (1)

Published On 01 September '17

The world of machine learning technologies such as Uber using machine learning algorithms to predict how long it will take to bring you your favorite meal is one of the main reasons why other organizations are recognizing the potential benefit for this shift to take place. Banks and credit unions are starting to get interested in this new shift which will benefit them greatly if implemented accordingly.

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Published On 02 September '17

With over 2.6 billion active users and over 4.6 billion email accounts in operation, email is the most important and widely used communications medium on the internet. By the turn of the millennium, having an email “address” had gone from being a luxury/curiosity to being a societal expectation akin to having a phone number.

Black HatSEO (3)

Published On 03 September '17

It all starts with effort. Obtaining this single attribute will reflect your difference in your work quality dramatically. In this blog, we will recommend 6 basic tips anyone can use to boost their Youtube Marketing efforts. The more distance there is between generations, the more difficult it is to understand each other’s wants and needs. Each generation carries a perception of the world, shaped by key events and technologies from their formative years.