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Armand Reinke

Marketing is a world with such an abundance of meaning. First I want to be clear with you, marketing can be used as a weapon of mass target market destruction of it can be the weapon used to create your death! 83% of consumers reported that they have had a “bad experience with social media marketing” (Source: The world of traditional marketing is long past its expiration date due that consumers prefer to be marketed to by digital marketing.

Example Of Bad Marketing
An Example Of Bad Marketing

My mentor

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is one of my all time favorite marketers. Each and every video he posts on Youtube has a message connected to it. In one of his latest comments Gary realised that marketis spent too much time and money on marketing such as outdoor advertising and television. Gary stated in his article (Found here) that marketers should understand what makes each social media platform special thus favor one-on-one interactions. 

Marketing Meme

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Example
A Billboard Seen As Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing will not die, it will just fade. stated that it is proven to be very dangerous if you suddenly switch yourself to a new form of marketing.

Traditional Marketing is a proven marketing technique that has been working for years on end. Yet, marketers must stay up to date with current trends such as analysing what platform(s) convert the best suitable way to its target market.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Example
A Twitter Tweet Seen As Digital Marketing

An inexperienced marketer can loose a large sum of money if he does not know the basics of advertising via Digital Marketing. You first plan of attack would be to determine what social platform your target market are using the most. 

Some of the advantages which Digital Marketing has over normal traditional marketing is that you can segment your target audience to the exact point, such as only targeting males who live in Cape Town between age 16-30. It is absolutely astonishing!

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